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Sun Ho: Did you forgotten what I’ve said?

Hana: What?

Sun Ho: I will be the wall for you to pour out whatever you want to say. Tell me everything. I will be quiet just like a wall. Come, I am wall. A wall.

Hana: If I have something that I want to own, but if I were to own it, the people around me might be upset.

Hana: Then, what should I do? I really, really want to own it.

Sun Ho: Don’t cry. My heart will ache.

Seo Joon: “Sun Ho. Why did I ever think that it was going to be easy? I thought love was nothing. I was arrogant.”

Seo Joon: “They are going to get married soon. He asked me to be family.”

Sun Ho: “With Hana?”

Seo Joon: “No matter how much my mom hates it and no matter how I’m against it, if they do get married. We’re going to be brother and sister.”

Seo Joon: “And we will hear about each other from time to time. See each other from time to time. And hear about each other getting married. That’s how we will live. That’s how.”

Seo Joon: “30 years, I just can’t imagine loving someone for 30 years. I’m scared.”

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